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Welcome to the homepage of Bausley & Associates, Inc. We want to take this opportunity to state our sincere thanks and gratitude for your consideration to do business with Bausley & Associates Inc.

We know that gaining your trust and business is an important responsibility, and our track record of working on thousands of files, insurance claims and litigation cases has positioned us as experts who excel in experts, efficiency and service.

What We Do

The primary function of our company is cause and origin investigations of damage to residential and commercial structures.

We specialize in insurance claims and serve as expert witnesses for litigation cases. Our engineer experts include civil engineers, structural engineers, and geotechnical engineers, all of whom are California professional engineers. But our expertise in consultants does not stop there!

Top Quality Consultants and Engineers

Our Professional California land surveyors adds to our expert force for cases involving property boundaries and mapping, while our California certified arborist consulting addresses issues of tree failures.

Estimates of repair for damage to residential and commercial structures submitted by claimants or insureds are not always realistic. We provide estimates of repair, which you can trust for comparisons.

Our general contractor provides reliable estimates, based upon years of experience in both new and restoration construction.

Third party claims involving bodily injuries are equally important as first and third party property claims. We determine whether the property or its appurtenances have any building code violations or defects that could have caused the claimant or plaintiff to become injured.

We commonly address issues pertaining to what, if anything did the property owner do or fail to do, which could have caused or contributed to the cause of bodily injury.

Fire cause and origin investigations are performed by our California State Certified arson investigator, which include residential and commercial fires, outdoor fires, and vehicle fires.

Slip trip falls are a common occurrence at your insured's house and rental property. Our slip trip falls expert is also a California Professional engineer who is knowledgeable in Uniform Building Codes, and is expert in performing coefficient of friction tests to determine whether the walking surface is slip resistant for safe ambulation.

Plumbing issues, whether they involve toilet malfunctions, pipe failures, or a drain overflow are investigated by our plumbing expert, a California licensed plumbing contractor, who has the experience and in depth understanding of the trade.

Our automotive expert specializes in vehicle damage to the body, engine, and drive train, caused by vehicle collisions and answers questions pertaining to pre-existing damage.

More Than 19 Years of
Experience and Expertise at Your Service

For each case, whether it is a first party claim or a third party claim, we submit thorough reports accompanied by a photo log of our observations and when needed to further clarify the conditions, we submit figures, diagrams, and/or drawings with our reports.

Years of professional experience of each discipline empowered by the acute ability to follow the evidence and to convey that knowledge in both written and verbal forms, have earned Bausley & Associates, Inc. the respect and repeat business of our clients.

With more than 19 years in business, we are aware that each of your specialized needs must be met. We perform the necessary skills right from the moment we personally take your telephone call, from utilizing excellent listening skills, to assigning the engineer or expert who will specifically fit your needs.

At Bausley & Associates, Inc., we believe that the amount of referral business we receive speaks volumes on how well we meet the needs of our clients. Thank you for believing and placing your trust in us.

As our business motto states, we are committed to excellence in experts, efficiency, and service. We sincerely thank you, again, for allowing us the opportunity to be considered to work with you on your files or claims.



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