El Niño

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With an El Niño weather pattern being predicted for the coming months, Californians are being urged to prepare their homes for intense winter rains lasting as long as March of 2016.

Five years of drought have left California with dry hard packed soil that is unable to absorb large amounts of rainwater, particularly on hilly terrain. In addition, brush fires have denuded local terrain of its vegetation. The runoff in these areas from heavy rain can and will cause extensive damage to our homes and property.

We have already seen the type of devastation an El Niño can cause when heavy rain in October of 2015 led to cars being covered with mud and closing I-5 at the Grapevine and Hwy 58 in Tehachapi. This past summer, a heavy storm washed out a bridge of I-10 in Desert Center. The 2004-2005 El Niño brought with it heavy rainfall that caused houses to slide downslope.

Correctly identifying the source of water and the point of entry into buildings is crucial. During heavy rain and windstorms, water is often blown into high elevation crevices and it flows down inside walls and migrates to the ground floor, seemingly appearing to be surface water entering the building through the weep screed and/or door thresholds. When driven by high wind speeds or wind gust speeds, rainwater will not only enter a crack in stucco walls, but it will pass through breaches in the building paper and wet the back side of the drywall surface, leaving behind stains in the middle of painted wall surfaces as it flows to the ground floor.

Here at Bausley & Associates, Inc. we want to assure you this:

  • We have engineers/ experts positioned throughout Southern California, which provides easy access to the cities of Southern California
  • Our experience with assessment of damage caused by El Niño weather patterns dates back to the very strong 1997-1998 El Niño
  • We are ready to respond to the brutality of the anticipated El Niño, by assessing damage to buildings, flooring, walls, fences, concrete flatwork, trees, slopes, swimming pools popping out of the ground, as well as other anticipated claimed damage, and submitting our reports to you within a very short period
  • During this long-term drought, we have observed many cases of settlement caused by expansive soils settling due to the lack of deep moisture, resulting in cracks in interior and exterior walls, ceilings, flooring, and racking of window and door openings. During this upcoming El Niño event, we expect to observe many cracks in buildings relating to expansive soils rapidly expanding. We also expect to observe delayed reactions to less expansive soils after surface water has had time to deeply infiltrate the soils, perhaps months after the rains have stopped.
  • As always, we are prepared to assist you with your anticipated heavy work load for the coming months.

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