About Bausley and Associates, Inc.

Bausley & Associates, Inc.

We started Bausley & Associates, Inc. our investigative consulting and engineering business more than 21 years ago, working tirelessly to provide our customers with three key elements (and thus our business motto, Excellence in Experts, Efficiency and Service):

  • Qualified and skilled experts with the profound ability to communicate in written format a succinct, accurate, and detailed report.
  • Efficient turnaround on investigations, verbal, and written reports. Rush assignments are completed within 48 hours, upon request.
  • Outstanding customer service when you call our office. You speak directly with Ben Bausley or Alicia Bausley – not a hired receptionist, or an answering service. We are finely tuned into your claim assignments and thus, we are able to respond to your specific needs. Our direct line is 714-921-4800.

Ben has personally reviewed more than 8,000 consultant and engineer reports. He ensures that all aspects of our clients’ needs are thoroughly addressed and that our findings are clearly stated.

Ben also has a reputation for working closely with adjusters and litigators to help them determine the right expert for the job. His people skills are exceptional, portraying patience and respect with a dash of humor thrown in!

Alicia works right alongside Ben to ensure complete customer satisfaction. She does the final proofing of reports, invoice preparation, and the marketing aspect of the family business.

Our clients are extremely satisfied and it shows by the amount of referral business we generate. We truly feel blessed by the number of clients we represent and it is through our good ethics and integrity that we have developed trust and credibility with our clients.

We are constantly working to improve our business, making sure that we stand above the competition. How are we unique from our competitors?

How Bausley & Associates, Inc.
is Unique from the Competition

  • We personally answer the telephone to speak with you directly Monday through Friday from 8 to 5 pm PST and assign your case to the appropriate consultant or engineer.
  • When you call in a new assignment, we discuss the details of the claim in order to ensure that we understand the specific needs of each case and to establish our plan of action (i.e. a manometer level survey, leak detection test, coefficient of friction test, or soil sampling).
  • Each of our written reports goes through a 5-check process. This means that our written reports are reviewed 5 times and cross-checked for accuracy before they leave our office and delivered to your office. The time we spend in this 5-check process is not billed to you, because this is an integral part of our determination to provide an exceptional product without error.
  • We provide a 48-hour priority turn around for written reports for cases with special time sensitive needs, which include site photos, any required diagrams, and report documentation. All of which is emailed to you as a PDF file.
  • Upon your request, we will include copies of a report for your distribution to your insureds/clients, or mail a copy of a report directly to those insureds/clients.
  • We will bring on board a special expert should you require specific expertise for your case.
  • We will submit to background checks and investigations to comply with your security policies.
Please take the next step and pick up the telephone to speak with us directly about your file or to simply ask us questions. Our direct line is 714-921-4800. You are very important to us and we’ll make sure that when you assign a new case to us, you will be extremely pleased with our reports and service.

To electronically and easily submit a new assignment online for a field investigation with one of our qualified engineers/experts and consultants, click New Assignment. We thank you for allowing Bausley & Associates, Inc. the opportunity to serve you.

Warm regards,
About Bausley and Associates, Inc.

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