California Certified Arborists

California Certified Arborists

For California certified arborists, certified arborists in the Western United States, and for arborists around the world, the International Society of Arboriculture has created and set forth standards that are to be used by all ISA certified arborists for their services and expertise.

When your insured’s tree fails and lands on a car or damages structures you need prompt service with written results supplied to you in a professional format, including photo documentation and site diagrams.

Our California certified arborists consulting services include:

  • Cause and origin of tree failures
  • Site assessments
  • Addressing life-safety issues from diseased or damaged trees
  • Determination of conditions leading to the tree failure as long-term or sudden
  • Research on weather history at time of failure
  • Professional expert opinion of tree failure being foreseeable or predictable by the insured
  • Estimates for tree and plant replacement
  • Site planning and installation
  • Expert witness testimony for insurance claims that are provided in the field of arboriculture
  • Written reports which include interviews, observations, and conclusions that are well defined
  • Site diagrams - figures

Expert Tree Advice

California certified arborists are called to evaluate a situation when a tree problem, tree failure, or tree root problem has already occurred and has caused damage to private or public property. Typical cases include tree roots that have migrated to neighboring properties, damaging concrete flatwork, retaining walls, pools, foundation, sewer pipelines, and fences.

Our California certified arborists are well educated and knowledgeable. They can provide expert tree advice for situations originating from:

  • The time of propagation of a tree
  • Through the growth and maintenance of trees
  • And often times, to the failure or death of trees

Tree failures or property damage resulting from the growth of trees is perhaps the most commonly recognized aspects of arboriculture because either can occur at the time in a tree’s life when it is most likely to adversely impact the private or public sector in the form of monetary damages.

California certified arborists of Bausley & Associates, Inc. investigate tree failures for various reasons ranging from loss of property value to the unfortunate cases where loss of life has occurred.

Regardless of the situation involving the subject tree, all ISA certified arborists in good standing with the International Society of Arboriculture are obligated to have taken oaths to uphold the standards set forth by the ISA to conduct themselves within the boundaries of ethics and standards of practice within the International Society of Arboriculture.

These standards include but are not limited to:

  • Maintaining the qualifications of an ISA Certified Arborist
  • Adhering to conduct that is consistent with the ethics and standards of practice, which have been set forth by the International Society of Arboriculture
  • Production of well documented plant appraisal and other related reports
  • Maintaining appropriate conduct as an expert witness
  • Maintenance of professional liability insurance

Common Certified Arborist Terms

Common arborist terms used in our written reports with detailed footnotes for your convenience include:

  • Backflow device – A device designed to prevent water from within the landscape irrigation system from flowing/siphoning backward into the potable water system
  • Buttress roots – Roots at the trunk base that help support the tree and equalize mechanical stress
  • Canopy – Collective branches and foliage of a tree or group of trees’ crowns
  • Co-dominant branches/ Co-dominant stems – Forked branches nearly the same size in diameter, arising from a common junction and lacking normal branch union
  • DBH – Acronym for tree diameter at breast height measured at 4.5 feet above the ground
  • Epicormic shoot – Shoot arising from a latent or adventitious bud (growth point)
  • Girdling roots – Roots that encircle and choke off the basal area of a tree, inhibiting the development of the lower trunk flare
  • Heartwood – Wood that is altered (inward) from the sapwood and provides chemical defense against decay-causing organisms and continues to provide structural strength to the trunk
  • Included bark – Bark that is trapped between tree trunks growing tightly against one another
  • Lignin – Organic substance that impregnates certain cell walls to thicken and strengthen the cell to reduce susceptibility to decay and pest damage
  • Phototropism – Influence of light on the direction of plant growth - tendency of plants to grow toward light
  • Sucker – Shoot arising from the roots
  • Swing joint – A series of angled threaded fittings that allow for swiveling of an irrigation component
  • Trunk flare – The transition zone from the trunk to the roots where the trunk expands into the buttress or structural roots
  • Water sprout – Upright epicormic shoot arising from the trunk or branches of a plant above the soil line, and lacking the development of a branch collar
  • Woundwood – Lignified, differentiated tissues produced on woody plants as a response to wounding
Expert Tree Advice
Same day service is available for onsite field investigations with urgent or life-threatening safety issues of failed trees.

Our California certified arborists are well-qualified, experienced and skilled in assessing a tree failure and writing a professional report that is inclusive of all observations and clean, concise conclusions regarding cause and origin.

Each of our reports are submitted with photos and a simple to read site plan that references the location of loss relative to the structure and surrounding area.
For immediate service and for the scheduling of a site inspection, contact Ben Bausley or Alicia Bausley at 714-921-4800.

To submit your instructions online, click on New Assignments and click on the appropriate actions you would like us to take. We confirm receipt of your instructions within minutes, and followup with you either by telephone or email to advise you of our scheduled appointment date and time with your insured and/or claimant.

At Bausley & Associates, Inc., we have stringent standards to perform excellence in experts, efficiency and service. Thank you for considering our company.

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