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A licensed professional California land surveyor must engage in continuing education activities in order to transform their continued professional growth. Among many other skills, ethics as for all other professionals is imperative and a California land surveyor is no different.

Technology software updates and applications are vital to staying on top of the field of mapping out and precisely measuring the earth. And good old-fashioned years of experience and practical skills for the analysis and processing of property boundaries, legal property descriptions, preparation of record maps, and right-of-way document is crucial.

As an insurance adjuster or a litigation attorney, you want a California land surveyor who is qualified in a number of areas. Our registered California land surveyors have more than 50 years experience in the following categories:

  • Boundary surveys
  • Legal descriptions writing
  • Preparation of certificate of corrections
  • Preparation of corner records
  • Preparation of parcel maps
  • Preparation of right of way maps
  • Record of survey
  • Report writing
  • Topographic surveys and mapping
  • Tract maps
Our land surveyors’ level of knowledge include expertise that is inclusive of preparing civil design and surveying for projects with large acreage, which include grading plans, sewer, and storm drain street plans.

We have on staff California land surveyors who are the engineer of record for a development of more than 2000 multi-units on a 500-acre project, requiring backbone infrastructure and design approvals with more than a dozen agencies. Project experience is inclusive of parks, equestrian centers, and historical interpretive centers.

An experienced and talented land surveyor of Bausley & Associates, Inc. is so well-qualified; he has prepared questions for the use by the State Board in their State of California Professional Land Surveyor’s examination. In addition, he was the recipient of a first place award in the competition for Mapping Project of the Year which was presented by the California Council of Civil Engineers and Land Surveyors.

Choosing a land surveyor doesn’t have to be difficult when you follow a few simple guidelines. As a California insurance claims adjuster or an attorney, you’ll want to be sure that the professional engineer and land surveyor who you retain has these credentials and skills:

  • Registered Professional Land Surveyor in California
  • Exhibit preparation experience
  • Experience in mediation, arbitration, depositions, trial testimonies
  • Experience in surveying lots for both residential and commercial structures
  • High ethical standards
  • Legal description writing
  • Research savvy
Your challenges of finding the right expert for your claim files can be solved immediately by placing your trust in the experts who are experienced, professional and well liked by your colleagues.

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