Engineer Reports

Bausley & Associates, Inc., click here to see our sample report.

At Bausley & Associates, Inc. engineer reports typically ranges from two pages to ten pages, depending on the complexity of the case and will encompass the following information:

Scope of Services

This is the introductory portion of the engineer report where we list your exact requirements for fulfilling your needs.

The direction is specifically spelled out to our California Professional Engineers                Click here to see our sample report
to ensure they make
contact with the appropriate person, and complete their investigation based on your requirements and needs.

It will include:

  • Who we are to contact to perform our inspection
  • What we are required to determine for this loss in regards to cause and origin
  • Where we are to travel to for the location of loss
  • When we need to make contact with the insured/claimant

Insured’s and Claimant’s Statements

Our engineers will interview your insured/claimant during their field investigation to ensure proper communication and retrieval of pertinent information that is necessary. Typical questions would include:

  • How long has the insured/claimant lived in the house?
  • When was the house/room last painted?
  • What event proceeded the damage?
  • How long has the damage been present or visible?

Their feedback is carefully recorded and submitted as part of our engineer report of findings.


This section of our engineer reports list our exact observations and then corresponds with site photos. The report is laid out in an outline form for ease of reading and referencing. This helps you to readily reference a particular portion of the report if you have questions or need further clarification.

Conclusions and Discussion

This final section of our report will provide a definitive conclusion of the cause and origin of damage. It will also address if the event is considered long-term or sudden and incidental.

If required, we will also address if the event would be foreseeable or predictable by the insured/claimant.

We also include a summary paragraph of our conclusions, which makes it easy for you to review at a glance when studying the report and relaying information to your insured/claimant.

Our Engineer Seal & Our 5-Check Process

Each report prepared by our California Professional Engineer is stamped with their engineer seal in the lower right hand corner of the signature page. All engineer reports go through a 5-check process, meaning that after the professional engineer completes his final written report, Ben Bausley and Alicia Bausley, owners of Bausley & Associates, Inc. read and review and confirm that all reports are clear, concise and accurate.

This 5-check process is systematically performed on each and every report.

New Case Assignment Submittal is Easy

We want your experience working with Bausley & Associates, Inc. to be as pleasant, professional and rewarding as possible. Easy access to us and to our engineering staff is essential to you.

To submit a new case assignment, you have two simple options.

Call us directly at 714-921-4800 where Ben Bausley or Alicia Bausley will personally take your call and set up the details for our engineer to perform your inspection.

Or click on this link, New Assignment to submit your information to us online. We will immediately process your request, and email or call you back to confirm receipt of the assignment. We will also notify you of the confirmed appointment date and time with your insured/claimant.

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