Example of Site Plans

Click here to see our sample site plans.

Site plans are prepared for the purpose of painting a very clear picture of your insured’s or claimant’s loss location.

Bausley & Associates, Inc. has a reputation for thoroughness when preparing certified arborist consulting reports, which consists of detailed observations, concise conclusions, and includes a site plan and site photos.

       Click here to see our sample site plans
The purpose of a site plan within our certified arborist reports is to provide a clear picture of the surrounding area in which a subject tree was growing or an invasive root structure has developed.

We intentionally keep our site plans relatively simple, to keep the cost at an absolute minimum for you.

It’s our goal to work efficiently and provide as much value as possible to you, while considering that you have outside consulting service budgets you must adhere to.

Site Plans Present
a Visual For Ease in Assessing
Your Insured’s or Claimant’s Claim

Our intent is to create an easy to view visual for you as you review our certified arborist’s written report, analyze the accompanying site photos, and reference our observations as they relate to the site plan. Our certified arborist site plans (see our example on this page) may show the location of a variety of elements, including:

  • Property line block wall or fences
  • Subject tree(s)
  • Location of surrounding trees
  • Plant material
  • Detached structures
  • Structures
  • Hardscape
  • Concrete flatwork
  • Swimming pool and decks
  • Root intrusion
  • Impact area of fallen tree
  • Collateral damage area
  • Parked/damaged vehicles

We know you need to process your insurance claims within a short period of time. It’s our goal to provide you extremely prompt response time to your initial request for us to go out on a field investigation.

We are diligent in procuring the facts of our investigation, taking measurements, photographing all details of the loss, and promptly submitting professional well-written reports. At your request, we can review those reports with you verbally, too (at no cost to you!).

Allow Our Certified
Arborists to Help You Now!

To secure the services of Bausley & Associates, Inc., certified arborists, contact Ben Bausley or Alicia Bausley directly at 714-921-4800. We will personally take your information for your claim file and have our certified arborist set up the appointment for a field investigation. We make every attempt to contact your insured or claimant on the very same day you submit your assignment to us.

Or to submit your assignment to us online, go to our link, New Assignment and electronically send us the instructions for your claim. You will receive a confirmation email telling you we have received your request.

We will also notify you of our confirmed scheduled appointment date and time with your insured or claimant, either by contacting you via telephone or email, whichever is your preference.

At Bausley & Associates, Inc., we sincerely appreciate the opportunity to serve you and provide our excellence in experts, efficiency, and service. Thank you for considering our company to help you with your claims.

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